I can be forgetful sometimes, we all have our moments right? But when my forgetfulness is getting in the way of how God wants to use me, its time to break out the sticky note reminders.

I’ve said it before how amazed I always am at how God lines things up in my life, and I’ll always be amazed by it because it TRULY IS AMAZING, but it shouldn’t surprise me. God is always at work lining things up for each one of us, so why are we always so surprised when we see the fruit of that? Every single thing that happens to us is because God lined it up and made it happen. That shouldn’t be a shock to us. And yet it is. I’ve realized that it’s because we aren’t looking for it. We aren’t seeking to see everything that He is lining up, so when we actually do happen to see it, it surprises us. Maybe some part of us kinda thinks that God isn’t actually paying attention or caring about the little things that go on in our lives. That’s not true! But maybe we start to think that when we don’t see His hand in every little thing. That’s not because He isn’t there though, it’s because we aren’t looking! So start looking!

This isn’t what I intended to write about today but after noticing all the things that God lined up and put on my mind this week, I realized that I haven’t been looking for Him. So I just wanted to remind you of that before I started talking about the specific things He lined up this week. If you aren’t seeing Him, it’s because you aren’t looking. Trust me friend, HE’S THERE and HE’S WORKING and lining things up for you. So pray that He opens your eyes to see it.

Anyway, now on to what I actually wanted to talk about.

WOW! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE WEEK! (For those of you who don’t know, I just started student teaching this week and it’s been going great!!) Before I started this week, I was determined to be a light to my students and fellow teachers (I’m in a public school for this placement and I know He put me there on purpose, He wants to use me there somehow) I wanted to be intentional and show everyone who God is through my actions. Which is a really good goal…if I could remember to do it.

Have you ever done that? You have this great plan, a great goal and you fully intend to do it…but then honest to goodness you just FORGET! Like it never even crosses your mind! It’s not that you’re intentionally not working towards that goal, you just don’t remember that you have it!

Well I came out of my first week of student teaching and realized I was doing just that. But I remembered it on Saturday! Big help there right?! But that’s when God started lining things up and reminding me what I should be doing.

First thing He lined up is a chapter in Bob Goff’s book ‘Everybody Always’ (if you haven’t read it, you should!) I was reading chapter 8 during my lunch break at work and this one point he makes stood out to me. He talks about how some people keep track of how many times they talk about Jesus in a day. Then he makes the analogy of keeping track of how many times he talks about his wife in a day. No one does that! We don’t keep track of how often we mention our loved ones, that’s just strange (if you do that, sorry but that’s a little weird) All this was to make a point though. He says “What if we simply talked about the things we love?…We talk about what we love the most. People who are becoming love talk a lot more about what God’s doing than what they’re doing because they’ve stopped keeping score.” That’s a good point isn’t it?!

We say we love God. And I really honestly hope that’s the truth. But then why don’t we talk about Him more? Why do we forget about Him as we go about our days? Take that thought and ponder it with me for a minute….

Well all that pondering reminded me of chapter 7 in Respectable Sins. (I wrote about this chapter before in an earlier post but I’m going to revisit it now again) This chapter is about ungodliness which Jerry Bridges defines as “living one’s everyday life with little or no thought of God, or of God’s will, or of God’s glory, or of one’s dependence on God.” Basically, when I keep forgetting about my goal, I’m being ungodly.

I know we all struggle with this (don’t try and pretend that you don’t because you’re human, it’s going to happen) But “ungodly” isn’t exactly the description we want for ourselves. Am I right? Unfortunately that’s exactly what we are (my earlier post has some tips for becoming more godly). Which should be a huge, flashing, neon sign that Something. Needs. To. Change. Something’s not right.

As long as “ungodly” can be used to describe at least one part of our lives, we’ve got work to do.

Are you following me yet? My goal to REMEMBER to be a light to my students is essentially a goal to be more godly.

But wait! There’s more! (do I sound like a commercial haha) Keep pondering these things as I tell you about the sermon I heard in church this morning.

We’re going through 1 Peter and this morning was chapter 2. Verse five says “you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” Eric (our preacher) explained that in the Old Testament, God only dwelt in the temple and anyone who wanted to worship Him had to travel from wherever they were living all the way to Jerusalem to the temple. Once they were there, they had to go through the priest to offer sacrifices to God in worship. But, as Peter is explaining in this verse, that isn’t necessary anymore because WE are the temple. God is dwelling in us!

Now listen to this, I thought it was SO NEAT! Back in the Old Testament, people could literally feel God’s presence in the rocks of the temple. Can you picture that? Standing beside a building and physically feeling God’s presence coming through the rocks in the walls?! How cool is that! Do you see this connection though?! WE ARE THAT TEMPLE! If people could feel God in ROCKS, how much more should they be able to see Him in US?!

I hope I’ve done a good job of explaining how this all connects but I’ll spell it all out for you so you can see exactly what God was lining up.

1.) People talk about the things they love so if we truly love Jesus, we should be talking about Him all the time.

2.) This is an issue of godliness, not simply forgetfulness.

3.) God is dwelling in us so people should be able to see Him and feel Him through us, just like they did from the rocks of the temple.

All of this literally happened in the last two days, which is AWESOME! But it means I really don’t have any tips for you to try. So if what I’m saying is connecting with you as well, all I can really say is pray about it. Ask God to remind you of Himself when you start to forget. Well that and sticky notes. I’m going to try putting sticky notes all over the place (on my desk, on my binder, in my car, basically everywhere I’ll be sure to see them during the day) to remind me to remember God and my mission here as a student teacher (well really, my mission as a follower of Christ, but you know what I mean) So try it! Let me know how it goes for you! If you have any other tips, send them my way!

Say this to yourself: “I am the temple now. Can they feel God’s presence through me the way they could from the rocks?”

P.S. After I posted this, I read an article written by a friend of mine and I was like WHOA! This connects to what I just wrote about ungodliness! I want to be godly and stand out as a light in my classroom, which is what my friend talks about in her post, so check it out here!!

I’m just a girl constantly seeking and always amazed to discover the things that God lines up in my life.