Fox Meadow’s Nutella ice cream is my all time FAVORITE flavor. Seriously, everyone should try it. (I also tried the strawberry dragon fruit sorbet today and that was also SUPER GOOD!)
London was the perfect stereotype of “spoiled heiress”.

My forever line dancing buddy ❤
We need to catch our thoughts off guard and stop them in their tracks. Our thoughts don’t control us, we control them.
In Guatemala, we got to climb a volcano and see some of the old lava flows, talk about chaos and uncertainty! But even then, God uses those eruptions to create a beautiful landscape.

This was one of the little girls I met while in Guatemala and even though we couldn’t talk to each other (because I don’t speak Spanish) I was still able to show her Christ’s love!
Everyone wants a best friend. The Ethel to your Lucy. Someone to take cute pictures with. Someone who knows you.

Natalie Sensenig

I’m just a girl constantly seeking and always amazed to discover the things that God lines up in my life.

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